Tommy Rosen
4 min readApr 23, 2021


A Case for Prayer

I love the “one day at a time“ philosophy from the 12-Step universe because it focuses my mind and effort on making the most out of each 24-hour period.

As I am working on having an amazing life, it makes sense that I must become excellent at having an amazing day. One part of setting myself up for a great day is to tap into the power of prayer.

Photo Credit: DJ Pierce

Prayer is a powerful tool that we all possess. It is a bit like setting an intention. It truly helps us to realize our dreams and potential. There is a word to describe people who are successful with prayer. That word is “prosperous”.

How does it work?

Since the Universe is a unified field imbued with both power and intelligence, we will naturally want to align with it. Prayer helps us do this.

To pray or to set intention is to transmit an energetic signal from you to the energetic field around you. Through prayer, you are connecting with the infinite intelligence of the Unified Field.

This is an aspect of what it means when people in recovery from addiction speak of tapping into a Higher Power.

If you are religious, you might have a particular vision or form of God that you desire to pray to. Others may pray to the “Consciousness of the Universe” or to Nature herself or another more personal concept. Atheists can tap into the…



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